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Movies that don't suck?

yea, G4 has been playing some good flicks of late - right now I'm watching Tron...

which prompted this little gem - it's low quality res, but provides some high quality anticipation. If you can't figure out the entire plot from this teaser - there's something wrong with you.

Even better - is the 1982 trailer

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ഇരോണ്‍ Horse

Iron Horse is dumping all of their IBD's - Independant bicycle Dealers - Hello Walmart!!!
They've also lost their DW link license... All Old news, I know...

Here's a fun article that you might enjoy, written by Nicole Formosa, formerly of the Summit Vail and Vail News - now with Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

Fun Quotes -
Bob Allen, sales manager for Mojo Wheels in Denver, Colorado, did well selling Sundays, but said there’s no love lost for Iron Horse, which was difficult to deal with in warranty situations and forced independent dealers to compete with wholesale online prices.

“I’m not going to miss their business, I’m not going to miss their company, I’m not going to miss their bike,” Allen said.

Iron Horse Pulls Out Of Specialty Channel


HOLBROOK, NY—News that Iron Horse Bicycle Company would discontinue sales of its bikes in the independent bicycle dealer channel drew mixed reactions from the brand’s retailers—some were let down, while others said they saw the move coming.

“It’s a big disappointment for us. We have a lot invested in the brand and we have for a number of years supported the brand in terms of how we represented it in the shop and how our sales staff sold the brand,” said Tani Walling, owner of The Path Bike Shop in Tustin, California.

Walling had carried Iron Horse bikes since 2004 and said the brand made up about 20 percent of the shop’s complete bike sales. He has pulled his remaining Iron Horse stock from the sales floor and will liquidate the product.

Cliff Weidberg, chief executive officer of Iron Horse Bicycle Company and World Wide Cycle Supply announced last month that, as of Sept. 1, Iron Horse would sell its middle and lower priced bicycles only in the sporting goods channel in the United States.

Its high-end bikes will be sold exclusively through Randall Scott Cycle Company, an online outlet with a showroom in Boulder, Colorado.

That company’s president, Randall Scott, is Weidberg’s son, according to several former Iron Horse employees who asked not to be named. Weidberg refused to comment on his relationship with Scott, but said that he has no financial stake in Randall Scott Cycle Company and that it’s a “separate, independent company.”

Weidberg maintains the reason for the change in business strategy stemmed from competition from companies like Trek and Specialized who ask dealers to make their bikes the No. 1 or No. 2 brands sold in their stores, pushing out niche brands like Iron Horse.

Over the past five years, the sporting goods channel had overtaken the specialty channel in terms of sales of Iron Horse bikes, Weidberg said.

“It became clear to us that we had to do something to protect our brand because we didn’t want to be the third, fourth, fifth, sixth brand in a store. You really don’t have a lot of possibility to be important if that’s where your position is,” Weidberg said. Iron Horse will be the top brand in Randall Scott’s retail store.

Weidberg views the Internet as playing a larger role in the future of bicycle sales and doesn’t believe that ramping up online sales will hurt the brand’s reputation.

“I think that probably is the way it’s been characterized for many years and I think it’s an old-fashioned view. I think the Internet represents a faster and more efficient way for the consumer to buy products,” he said.

International distribution channels will not change, Weidberg said.

Former Iron Horse dealer Brian McInnis, owner of JRA Cycles in Medford, Massachusetts, wasn’t surprised to hear the brand was pulling out of the IBD, and even says he saw it coming.

McInnis dropped the brand last year after hearing that Iron Horse’s license with Dave Weagle for his DW Link suspension system would not be renewed. He picked up Pivot, which uses the DW Link, and filled the void left by Iron Horse’s bread-and-butter, $300 to $400 bikes with GT’s pricepoint line.

“Luckily I went with my gut feeling and we decided not to take the bikes (in 2008),” McInnis said. “I just had a feeling that something was going wrong.”

Weagle said he decided in July 2007 not to renew the license with Iron Horse, which runs through March 31, 2009, because he wanted to take the DW Link in a different direction.

Along with Pivot, Independent Fabrication and Ibis also hold licenses for the DW Link, and Weagle will announce a fourth licensee before Interbike that will develop a downhill bike using his suspension system. Many gravity riders consider Iron Horse’s DW Link Sunday to be one of the best downhill bikes available.

For its 2010 bikes, Iron Horse has a license for a new suspension system, although Weidberg declined to elaborate on the specifics or whether the company would change its existing line-up.

It wasn’t just the impending loss of the DW Link that had JRA’s McInnis questioning Iron Horse. He had also grown frustrated vying against the Internet for sales of Iron Horse bikes. At first, Iron Horse would allow him to match online prices and offset the difference so he could keep his margins intact, but when the company changed that position, he was out of luck.

“Increasingly people would come in here, they’d test ride the bikes and buy them elsewhere,” McInnis said.

Bob Allen, sales manager for Mojo Wheels in Denver, Colorado, did well selling Sundays, but said there’s no love lost for Iron Horse, which was difficult to deal with in warranty situations and forced independent dealers to compete with wholesale online prices.

“I’m not going to miss their business, I’m not going to miss their company, I’m not going to miss their bike,” Allen said.

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Check this out - Amnsty International is supporting a demonstration in Denver that overlaps with the Democratic National Convention.

Click here for the site and details

Visit a Replica of a Guantanamo Prison Cell in Denver, Aug 24 - 26, to coincide with the Democratic National Convention

Urge the U.S. government to do the right thing: stop torture, charge detainees and give them fair trials or release them, and close Guantánamo.

Where: City of Cuernavaca Park, 20th street and Little Raven (across from the skate park); Denver, CO

Open Hours
Sunday, August 24th, 3pm - 8pm
Monday, August 25th, 11am - 8pm
Tuesday, August 26th, 11am - 8pm

SPECIAL EVENT : On Wednesday, August 27th, the cell will move to the Denver Coliseum Parking Lot for the Rage Against The Machine show. The cell will be open from 10:30am – 5pm

Admission to the cell and all events is free

If you need more information, email

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Give this guy some money - he makes movies about racing cyclocross and gives it to the world for free

He's 14, goes to school in Boulder (fairview) and could use the cash
And don't be cheap... give him more than $5 or I'll punch you in the nutsack

Little Belgium - The 2007 New England Cyclocross Season from Andy Frothingham on Vimeo.

സ്നോവ്മസ് ൩ Report

Here's my chaotic race report... I raced stages 1 and 2, but not 3. I had only 1 practice run for stage 1's course before I raced it, have a little damage to the DH bike, but had a great time in Aspen!

Practice day (friday)
here's the deal -
Stage Race style
DH course 1 on Sat
Super D on Sat
DH Course 2 on Sun

got to practice 2 runs on DH course 2
Got to do 1 Full run on DH course 1 (behind Aaron Gwin)

did a second run on Course 1 behind Gwin and other yeti riders (felt closer to their speed this time), and tried jumping a section that was kicking most everyone around ( it was super wet, off camber, and wooped out with moto bumps)
I jumped the whole section (maybe 40 feet at about 40 miles and hour??) - but landed on a stump and flat spotted my rim so bad it wouldn't hold a tire. The flat spot was maybe 5 inches deep?
Had to re-build my wheel in my hotel room Friday night.... Lots of Fun!

The end of the course has a section that's got to be close to 3/4 of a mile that's SUPER fast... seriously - I pedaled out of my top gear and didn't touch my brakes for any of the corners for the ENTIRE 3/4 mile. Top gear for my Aspen setup is 40/11. I don't know how fast that is... 42mph at full pedal? I wish a brought a 42 tooth ring!

Race day (sat)
I got excited because of the rain the Mud - I grew up racing out east in the mud and always get great results in the mud!
But then, apparently, I forgot how to race. We'll get to that in a minute...

It was nasty mud (that slick snot like mud), so I felt like I had a chance to podium. I practiced with the pro's the morning of, and was ripping.
and oh yea - Aaron Gwin is the most impressive rider I've ever seen in my life. He's only been racing for like 7 months and he rides on rails. Seriously - he's that smooth. he'll be up there with peat, minnar, atherton and hill next year.
I did a couple of runs with him and he never looked like he was looking for traction. Even in the deepest of the moto-whoops and the crazy nasty mud it looked like he was riding on a sidewalk.

Downhill -
The top of the course was wide open flat turns in the mud. - I ripped this section
The middle of the course was off camber turns in deep mud - I ripped this section (i don't know how, but I railed the deep mud off camber stuff)
Late middle section was a pedally, grassy, muddy bog - i did pretty good here, but was getting tired
Lower section was SUPER moto-whooped and crazy choppy with nasty mud and rocks - very very fast section, and then opens up into an even faster smooth, but turny section. Lots of pedaling - but SUPER fast.
I crashed on the entrance to the lower section - I was drifting an off camber left hand corner (I was drifting early and sliding into a burm before I pedaled out during practice), and the berm I was using at the end of the drift wasn't there anymore. My wheels sunk into deep mud and I got ejected - like a cartoon. I ended up in some trees and brush - had to go find my bike (literally).

I think that I had a 12th place finish (would have gotten 12th in semi pro too with that time)... but I should have had a podium - I was riding really fast.

Props -
Kenda KOD tires were key here - it made a huge difference and gave me the confidence to say that I thought I was going to podium. Rider error was at fault here, not the gear.
WTB wheels helped me accelerate out of the corners faster than the other guys - props to WTB for light DH wheels that are still strong!
Everyone had problems with their goggles int he mixed conditions - but my Smith Goggles were perfect
With back to back races, tons of practice, and the very physical nature of the courses - The Endurox and Accelerade came into play for sure! I could tell that I was fresh for longer periods of time than my comptetition.
I'll be heading to John's Auto Care and Lotus Message for some post race recovery (both my car and body are suffering!!!)
And you know I had the Avery Brew flowing! Best Belgian Style brews on this side fo the big pond!!

Super -D

This wasn't a super-d, it was a DH that was called Super-D.
I have no idea how I did -but I was one of 2 people in expert not riding a DH bike (it was basically a DH course). I didn't even ride with DH tires - I had a kenda nevegal up front and a small block 8 in the rear (and yea - it was muddy). DH bikes had a huge advantage - but I was able to out pedal everyone, so it probably evened out.
This race was SOOOOO much FUN!! The race entailed going elbow to elbow with 20 other DH'ers on a DH course. Tons of passing, tons of crashes, tons of mud, SUPER FAST- it ended on the 4x course, so I go to show off on the jumps and berms... it was the funnest thing I've done on a bike in a really long time. I don't care how I did - it was great.
I did run into some guy that fell in front of me in a rutted out corner.. I hit him REALLY hard... I got passed by like 4-5 people, then I passed like 4-5 in the next corner - this continued for about 8 more corners. Crashes, passing, and sprinting all makes for a good time!
In the last section of trail before the 4x course merge (end of the course), there was a stream crossing... if you had speed, you could jump the whole thing (alternative line with a rock lip) - I was 3rd going into this jump, the guy in 1st crashed when he landed (way too much mud on the lander), the guy in 2nd landed on 1st place's bike, and I ran into the back of 2nd place when I landed (we were all like 6 inches apart on the trail).... then we all got passed by a huge group behind us while we were slipping in the mud trying to get back on the trail.

All in all - the Super D was awesome, tons of fun! The DH course was pretty good - really fast!!
I made a huge mistake during my dh run - but that's racing!!
The guys who win don't make mistakes!

So here' the props again -
Even though I should have used mud tires - my nevegal's and small block 8's got the job done impressivly!
WTB for making Wheels that should have collapsed but didn't - i don't know how those wheels stay true - but they do!!!!
Accelerade for keeping me fresh! Everyone was worked after Early morning practice, A DH race, and then Afternoon practice. I was definetly riding strong where other's couldn't
Commencal - Damn! They make the best bikes in the world!!!
Smith - Super clear, Super detailed, no fog goggles!
Avery - For the post ride brew!!!

Race Day (sunday)
With my Dh bike in disrepair from the race run and stump, I didn't get to race on sunday
No Stage 3 for me!!

I learned some valuable lessons and look forward to next year, and have a result that reflects my potential.
Thanks to all of our sponsors for having such great products!

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൨൦൦൯ ഇരോണ്‍ ഹോര്‍സ് Sunday

2009 iron horse sunday's -

it's important to note that the DW link contract expired in 2008, and the 2009 bikes will literally be 2008 frames painted differently

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ബൌല്ടെര്‍ മൌന്റൈന്‍ ബൈക്ക് പാര്ക്ക്

Finally!!!! a bike park in Boulder....

The Northwest has been doing this for years - Seattle has some of the best riding in the country right under a highway (read: bikepark)

Check it out here

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Cyclist Assualted at Critical Mass NY - By a Cop!

Nice - Just saw this gem on MTBR's front range forum, posted by Mr.Salty...

Latest update has this officer riding a desk and possibly loosing his job.

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29r weight weenie wheels

Dammit - they stole my color scheme!!!!

I'm building some race wheels with white spokes as this is being published..

Claimed 330 grams on the 29er rim... smokin' lite!!!

2009 trek

Under 21 pounds? $6,500? all this and it's even got decent pivots!!!

From MTBR -

2009 Trek Top Fuel
Check out the seatpost -

The 2009 Trek EX Carbon

Yahoo Sucks

I used to be the biggest Yahoo fan... and I still think that they have the best business oriented browser services available - but the end is near.

I got this flamer of a notice today (below)

I hate google... now what? it's all over, the end is near, the sky is falling, fat ladies are singing and pigs are flying

Important Notice: Yahoo! Music Unlimited will become Rhapsody

Keep your current plan, and get access to even more music.


You may now transfer your Yahoo! Music Unlimited account to Rhapsody. Get more music for the same price when you transfer your account before September 30, 2008.

You'll continue to have unlimited access, but the Rhapsody catalog is even more expansive, and playlist sharing, recommendations, and custom Rhapsody Channels offer a more personalized music experience.

If you have remaining download credits, your balance will also transfer to Rhapsody and can be used to purchase MP3s. After September 30, 2008, your Yahoo! Music Unlimited account will be closed -- so make the move to Rhapsody today.

To transfer to Rhapsody, visit:

If you do not take any action, your Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription will be canceled on September 30, 2008. Yahoo! will not transfer any information to Rhapsody unless you agree to the terms presented in the transfer process. Click the link above to start this process.

For frequently asked questions about Yahoo! Music Unlimited becoming Rhapsody, click here.

Thank you for using Yahoo! Music's services.

The Yahoo! Music team

Please do not reply to this message. This is a service email related to your use of Yahoo! Music. To learn more about Yahoo!'s use of personal information, including the use of web beacons in HTML-based email, please read our Privacy Policy. Yahoo! Music is located at 2700 Pennsylvania Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404.
RefID: lp-1016908

Listen to Internet radio, watch music videos, and find the latest from your favorite artis...
Go to Yahoo! Music
Search the Web

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beijin air quality

you've all heard the horror stories... i thought this article was a good reminder that we've got it good

WASHINGTON — Eat an orange. Wear a face mask. Train elsewhere and fly in at the last possible moment to compete.

These are some of the strategies suggested for Olympic athletes planning to compete in Beijing, where a thick cloud of smog often blankets one of the world’s most polluted cities.

"There really isn’t anything specific you can do to acclimate to substandard air quality," said Darryl Seibel of the US Olympic Committee. "From a training point of view, there’s nothing we’ve found that an athlete can do without risking their health and well-being."

The US teams expect Beijing’s air to reach a "safe and suitable standard for elite competition," Seibel said in a telephone interview from Colorado Springs, Colorado, home of the US Olympic Training Center.

He did not think athletes would need to wear activated carbon filtration masks, as US coaches advised in a newsletter article in 2006, and as US triathletes did on a visit to China last year.

But he did not rule anything out.

"Until we arrive at the games in August, there’s no way to predict what the air quality will be."

It is likely to be hot and humid. The average August temperature in Beijing is 29.5C, with relative humidity of 69 percent. This combination puts Beijing’s heat index in the "caution" range, US sports officials have said.

But August is also likely to be rainy, and that could cut down on sooty particles in the air.

Beijing has poured 120 billion yuan ($16.8 billion) into clearing the smog, for a Games many of its leaders see as a coming-out party to mark China’s rise as a major world power.

"The air quality is much better now," said Gao, a 77-year-old Beijing resident. "When I came to Beijing 50 years ago, I could not even open my eyes when walking on those dirt roads in the coal-burning neighborhood," she said.

Officials reportedly plan to keep half of Beijing’s 3 million cars off the roads during the Games, which begin August 8. Authorities have also ordered Beijing and five surrounding provinces to cut industrial pollution for two months from late July.

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge has warned that some endurance events – where athletes will be exposed to the air for long periods – could be rescheduled if air pollution presents a danger.

But he has also said environmental challenges are not new to the Games, citing the heat in Athens in 2004, and air pollution in Seoul in 1988 and Los Angeles in 1984. All three cities tackled the problems before the Games, building trams, shutting factories or asking drivers to stay off the roads.

Nonetheless this year, at least seven countries plan to send some of their Olympic athletes to Japan just before the Games begin, drawn by international-standard sports facilities and accommodation and healthy food, as well as cleaner air and a mere one-hour time difference between Japan and China.

Germany, Greece, the United States, France, Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands are among those training in Japan.

Some 55 German athletes plan to stay in Ashibetsu on the island of Hokkaido for pre-Olympic training, spending four or five days in Ashibetsu and leaving for Beijing about three days before their competitive events, according to an official at sports division of Ashibetsu city hall.

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It's like magic - Soccer, not Bikes

A little late int he posting - but good for your viewing pleasure none-the-less

Congrats to Spain!!!!

Here's 2 of the best int he business layin it down for others to look like fools

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I've been trying to get my hands on some of this for some time now.... looks like I'm finally getting some!

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Hall Ranch Ride

I rode Hall Ranch on Friday hoping to post up a time for the loop - but accidentally reset my computer. OOPS!!

Anyway - I ride from the skate park/ library and up the road to The antelope trailhead. From there I climb up to the main trail and continue climbing to the lollypop loop (Nelson?). I'll ride the lollypop and come down the main trail (bitterbush?)through the long rock garden, down through the lower parking lot and back out to the road. From the road it's an easy spin back to town and to my automobile.

I did manage to watch the time from the 1.1 mile marker on the top loop all the way down to the road (through the parking lot). Even though I came to a complete stop 3 times waiting for groups of riders to climb the opposite way - I did it in under 13 minutes. I'm thinking it was around 12:45... but I didn't have the timer on. I think that the mileage (DH) was about 4.8 miles. This must be a pretty decent time as I was pedaling hard the whole way down. I was taking some race run lines as well - so I took a few big risks to get down as fast as possible. I'm not advocating that others do this... but it was a good time.

Bike Batman

be warned... before you expand this pic - it's not what you think

Friday, June 27, 2008

Colorado Crankworx

Guess what boys and girls? Colorado Crankworx is stepping it up this year...

Brian Lopes has confirmed that he's racing DS! Depending on the course - I may enter "open" so that I can race against this guy.... I'll never beat him, but I'd love to give him a run side by side! Seriously... I've been practicing my sprints, gates, and turns like mad.

Want more details?

Crested Butte Race Report

what a weekend... good, bad AND ugly!

So, to start - I'd never been to the butte before and I'm sure to go back now!

Ok, let's get started... I'm a gravity guy (no secret there) and am specializing in Dual Slolumn this year (no secret again) - and there was no DS race at CB. yea.... I'm already making excuses.
As long as I'm coming up with excuses - I have a tweaked wrist (read: probably broken, but I'm too lazy to go to the doctor), so I left my DH bike at home. I also hadn't ridden in about 3 weeks. Got all that? Good...

We arrive Friday late afternoon (missed DH practice), just in time to register and find a camp site above the resort. The two people I rode down with, Chris and Dan, are both a couple of lycra wearing roadies XC types... (dig) so this was destined to be weekend of conflicting schedules.
They both had races on Saturday morning, and I did my best to be a good support staff. Feedzone, pics, carry gear, etc. They both looked strong and had some good finishes. This was no doubt one of the harder races in the MSC, so I was happy to see them both battling the whole way for places.
Shortly after their races ended, my Super D practice started (simultaneous to the Sport Class DH). The Course started off with what felt like a 1/4 mile run. yea - that's dumb... but once on your bike, the course seemed to be a fun one. I had signed up to race Expert 30+, and had taken a look at last year's times so that I could get a get a solid idea of where to concentrate on time. I started practcing with some of the men's Open class entrants and quickly verified my initial fears. I can't climb. Descending was, of course, no problem - I don't think that there were more than 2 people at the race that could keep up with me, and there was certainly no-one at the race that could ride away from me. This brings me to my complaints write up...

Anyway... after timing a few runs, I found that I was riding int he high 12 minutes with my gear on (camelback, water, tubes, etc), and in the very low 12's with my race gear on (12:03 to be exact). Comparing this to last years times, I wasn't expecting a podium - but knew that I could improve upon this time (I don't practice over 80% effort)

So... these run made me think about DH'ing and how I wish I had brought my DH bike. My wrist was feeling pretty solid (LOTS of tape) so I rode over to the DH lift and took a ride up. My first run down was with the sport class guys... they all had DH bikes and I was on my Commencal (5 inch travel) with a camelback, and XC helmet and no pads. After some funny looks at the start, I pedaled onto the course and started letting go a bit. My wrist was feeling good and I was passing lots of the sport guys, so I knew I was in decent shape for the rest of the run. About 1/2 the way down was a road gap, with sport class practice going on, no one was jumping it. I took a look at it from above and ripped down the course and hit it (xc helmet and camelbak attached) with no problems... I had considered riding around, but all of the spectators looking fr carnage egged me on and I couldn't resist. Cheers erupted and disbelief was shouted as they all saw that i was on an XC bike.
The rest of the course was pretty smooth and the XC bike was a HUGE advantage. I could easily pedal soooo much faster than the other rides. The course actually borrowed from the XC route - so I was easily passing people who were working MUCH harder than I.

Another run during expert practice made me feel like I could have been extremely competitive (even on my xc bike), and wishing that I'd signed up. I was riding with a skill level much closer to mine, but I still felt very fast.It gave me hope for the rest of the DH season!

Race run...
I finished my run in about 8th or 9th place, rode up to about 6th or 5th place in the first fire road section (few hundred yards), got a flat in the beginning of the singletrack, passed 2 more people in the singletrack (with a flat) - and then lost it all back on the first real climb. I think that I would have held that spot without a flat, but who knows. Race winner had a time of 12:18 (doh!!!). Without a flat - I had a real chance at a podium.

Course complaints...

Super-D has a "D" in it to designate downhill or descent emhpasis, but I find that starting a course with an uphill run, and with more than 50% of your ride time spent climbing, AND with no real passing areas on the descent - this sport has become more Super-XC than Super-D. Really - this could have been one helluva good course, but the stupid uphill sections were too long and too xc.

Downhill - one the XC course? come on...

Well - I guess I'll do better next year, and I better have some improvements next race. I once had a coach that told me it was OK to lose as long as I learned and came back stronger.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What to do when your friends visit


Downhill training

I've had several questions lately on downhill specific training. While I'm no longer the young whipper-snapper that I once was... i've dug up some old articles that I used to help guide my training philosophy.
I believe that everyone needs something different and needs to train in different ways, but objectives seem to be similar. My Objectives list included the following -

Sprints -
I need to increase my top speed
I need to increase by ability to function in oxygen debt
I need a faster snap
I need to increase the number of back to back sprints that I can do
I need to work on short AND long sprints

Weights -
I need to be able to feel strong at the end of a race
I need to eliminate arm pump
I need to protect myself, prevent injuries with muscle (shoulder, wrist, back)
Core strength makes a bigger difference than limb strength

Endurance -
I don't want to be sloppy at the end a training day
DH races ofte have long pedaling sections - I need to be able to function after said section
Road and XC rides are great for recovery

Skilz -
You gots to have em
Tech Sections - Rocks, off-camber, etc
Cornering - Berms, flats, grass, mud, dust, high-speed, low-speed
Jumping - Drops, J-hop, bunny hop, manual, over tech, into tech, racerstyle, dirtjump style
Carry speed (yea - it's a skill), you have to know how everything you do effects your momentum and exit speed

Nutrition -
Don't eat crap

I like plyometrics, a little weights, and lots o riding

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Yeti 303 Proto Types

There's going to be several versions of the rail linkage in 09 and 10... here's a preview...

Looks like a pic of the new 7 inch trail bike snuck in here :)

SolVista Bike DH Weekend

I got a couple of days of riding in this weekend up at SolVista Resort. They opened a couple of DH trails for the season.

They opened up 2 legit DH trails and a few others than seemed more like Super-D courses. The 2 downhill courses were named Drifter (i didn't find myself drifting more than once or twice) and Cougar (it was old school, and out to get the young and inexperienced)

Drifter was a fun course, with some good rock garden sections and fun turns in the trees. The Rock gardens have a couple of lines through them. Truth be told - I've pinned it on some really bad lines through the rocks, and still managed to get through unscathed. I forgot to time myself on this course... I suck.
Cougar was definitely a faster more racy course. Cougar starts off with a ramp to a pump to a road gap right under the lift. The only real tech section on Cougar was a double drop section. I definitely recommend rolling it the first time or two you try it - I launched the first drop with some speed to clear some of the debree at the bottom, only to find that i didn't have enough room to clear the 2nd drop. I'm sure that you know how this ended up... torn up shoulder, bruised hip and a$$, and a tweaked wrist (I don't think that I broke it). Otherwise - the corners are fast and you can pedal through lots of the trail. With my bad wrist, I was top to bottom in about 2:30-40. I would guess that race runs will be in the low 2:00 for this course.

The 2 trails above are a little on the shorter side - but fun racy type of trails. SolVista just doesn't have the vertical to put in a long and fast run, but they definitely make use of what they have.
The crew at solvista is led by several top notch racers and get some help from a few guys at The plan is to put in an additional 5 trails this summer as well as a Dual Slolumn course.
Just having a Dual course at the base will assure my attendance... I miss the old school Dual Racing Format. It ruled... like Steve McQueen.

All in all - it's a good place to be if you are a racer type, but doesn't have much to offer the Free-ride type... Given the schedule for this summer (they are hosting 2 mountain states cup races and 1 G3 race) - this makes sense.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Road race gone wrong south of the border

As translated by babelfish - originally from this mexican newspaper

Matamoros, Tamaulipas .- A cycling race ended this Sunday morning in tragedy when the driver of a vehicle winding to a quota that was finalized Beach Baghdad.

Early reports indicate that shortly after the eight o'clock, had launched a coexistence of cycling, from the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas with the Beach Baghdad, involving approximately 500 participants, who led troops in 15 people.

The event was convened by the Club Ciclista "Chameleons", in its third edition.

Upon reaching the first contingent at kilometre 16 of that Rua, a vehicle lost control and hit squarely.

Until the moment it is unknown whether the driver was driving the drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, since they do not detected signs of an element of the Federal Preventive Police Roads division that led the group of cyclists.

After the impact, fourteen people were injured and one more died in various fractures. Two more people were reported injured as serious in hospitals in Matamoros.

The now occiso was identified as Alejandro Alvarez 34 years and residing in the Country Club of texana city of Brownsville.

The responsible for the accident, was arrested at the scene, said John Fields called aged 28, residing at 233 San Eugenio from the same city texana.

After the accident, participants of the Third Tour "Matamoros Playa Bagdad-2008", attempted homicide to assault imprudencial, speaking an element of the PFP Roads.

The ministerial authorities assumed that the vehicle he was driving a 1988 Grand Marquis model gray, is owned by a relative because they found documentation on behalf of Jessy Fields.

After the tragedy, coexistence was suspended by the organizers. In this race cyclist involved mainly professionals from both sides of the border.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Atheron Clan - Andorra World Cup

Those Atherton Kids sure seem to be fast!

Gee - 1st place DH
Dan - 1st place MTX
Rachel - 1st Place DH

who can keep up?????

Gee Racing a Car in an episode of "Top Gear"

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hall Ranch Ride

I got up to Hall last night (no camera again), and took Zach with me. Zach is a former co-worker, and is semi new to mountain biking. I've taken him out to a few different places (like betasso, white ranch, heil, fatirons vista) - but this was hist first time riding anything this rocky or technical. He definitely got a taste of what's in store for him in the future...

until then - snap a chain!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heil Ranch Ride

I had a pretty good ride last night at heil ranch.... but forgot my camera.
Didn't see the prolific turkeys that I've been seeing up there, but with them temps starting to warm up - i expect to see less of them until the fall.

Yesterday's nutritional intake was horribble... Had some fruit and yogurt for breakfast (250 calories), Lunch was a kung pow noodle bowl (240 calories) with a V8 (30 calories), snacked on a couple of granola bars (140 calories) and off I went to ride at 5pm. Ouch.....
Regardless - I was able to middle-ring most of the climb to the top loop, rode the top loop counter clockwise (including wild turkey) the first time, clockwise the 2nd time, and big ringed it back down to the bottom. I like my big ring!

My descending has been pretty good this year - I'm looking forward to some super-d races this year.. and the occasional DH race

I'll probably hit up Bettasso today from town - up the connector to the loop. Should give me 7-8 miles before and 7-8 Miles after the Connector trail. Oh yea... I left my camera at home again - I suck

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Beer Cheaper Than Gas

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Sol Vista was supposed to open this weekend... but thanks to MUD, it looks like the park won't open till next weekend.
Thanks to Fixtup at MTBR for the pic -

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yea - sparks!

MTB Crash - Fake or Real?

Gerald - "Stay down until you know everything is connected!?!?!?!"

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Colorado Pass

yea yea - I just got mine... what about you? I use the hell out of mine last season (until I had a baby) and fully plan on racking up the days this winter. There's no way I'd be able to afford to ski if it weren't for the Colorado Pass. And since you can only buy it in Colorado - it's a great "locals" discount.

Thank you Vail!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bravo Condoms at the US open

it's another one of those posts - pointless, I know.

I've recently run across this little tidbit of wonderous glory, most notably from Decline Magazine

"Bravo Condoms is putting up $1,000 to the fastest qualifier at this weekend's US Open Of Mountain Biking at Diablo Freeride Park. This is a great thing that we need more of!"
For more info, visit

Friday, May 23, 2008

Zero Electric Motocross

yea - they are saying motocross - but it's a MTB. Who are they kidding?
That being said - I'd ride one in a heartbeat. Seriously - I've love to take this thing trailriding.
The originals even had Fox 40 forks... they have a bot more suspension now -

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Giant and DW-Link?

the rumors have been spreading... and with Dave Weagle not having a 2009 manufacturer for a DH implementation of his DW-Link, this looks like a realistic effort by Giant.

Dave has been quoted saying that some of the Maestro design bleeds into his DW patent, and that after speaking with Giant - they are close to inking some kind of resolution (deal?).

Sources -
MTBR Giant Post
MTBR DW post

2009 Commencal Supreme

yea yea -
here's a vid of the new commencal supreme mini dh - you can see that the modified single pivot design is still in play, but with a different shock positioning. This should improve shock stroke length as well as give better handling charectoritics.

can you speak French?

Supreme V2 sélectionné dans Sports et VTT

Saturday, May 17, 2008

special brownies

yea - people are dumb....

Bike to Work Day

Do you have a bike to work day story? Let's hope so! Here in Boulder, CO - almost everyone has one... but here's an excerpt from Ryan at Timbuk2 -

It was an incredible day for Bike to Work Day—according to the SFBC there were twice as many bicycles as cars headed downtown on San Francisco’s Market Street on the 14th annual Bike to Work Day. Bicyclists made up 64% of the eastbound traffic at Market St. & Van Ness Ave., while motorists comprised 32% between 8am and 9am today. (The remainder was transit vehicles and taxis). This is a nearly 31% increase over the number of people biking last year on Bike to Work Day. The counts were taken by the Municipal Transportation Agency.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ostrich Racing

For those of you who aren't iJustine readers - you might not have seen this wonderful piece of entertainment...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

Crazy Spring Weather

Jeez - 4 inches of snow yesterday, and it's prime riding weather today.

Looks like the newest bike park in colorado is also going ot be the one to open first this season.
SolVista bike park looks to open up on May 23rd.

More to come shortly!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Magical high tech toilets

I love it - do you?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Double?

This is starting to become my saturday theme - Ride Hall And Heil back to back. I haven't gotten to the point where I'm riding from one to the other... but that can't too far off in the future.
I'm also having a sunday tradition - riding with no legs... it sucks.
My sunday rides have turned to crap because of my long saturday doubles.... hopefully it'll payoff sometime soon.

I'm not any thinner that last season (disappointing)- but I am riding DH faster, and I'm getting my sprint back. I need to get back to running a few days a week too - I've been good about lifting weights and riding.. but now I need to loose some fat.

Update again later...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Riding

I got in a few rides this weekend - put in a double on Saturday, Hall Ranch and Heil. Sunday was supposed to be an easy ride (recovery) but I ended up riding super hard at Walker Ranch.
And I bonked. At Walker. It was embarrassing.

Colorado Whiskey

Man - when was the last time I talked about this stuff? Maybe about 5 minutes ago...
I've been fully embracing all that Colorado has to offer before reaching out beyound this bountiful state, and one of my favorite finds is Colorado Whiskey

Thanks to Gerald, I've gotten a taste for Whiskey once again. I suspect one of the reasons that it's so good is that they may use mash from the Flying Dog Brewery (same owners). This would create a much easier and consistent ingredient list to work with...

Go to your local liquor store and buy a bottle. Yes, it's expensive - but you'll love it

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Race Bikes

I'm getting my race bikes finalized for the race season... I'm hoping to race in 2 disciplines this year. Super-D and DH.
I had given some serious thought to DS, but there's only a couple of races in Colorado that are DS this year and I didn't want to buy a bike for 2 races. I am planning on getting a DS bike this year to race next year. Anyway - onto the bikes.

Super-D bike,
I am riding the almighty Commencal. This bike hasn't become a Super-D specific bike yet - but it's on it's way. I've got a couple of wheelsets, a light one and heavy one. I've also got quite the tire line up, Kenda has definetly hooked me up. I'll be rocking Nevegal's for most conditions but have a pair of Cortez's and Blue Groove's for alternate soil types. I'm still on the fox suspension setup from last season because I love it. Vanilla RC2 and Float RC. I'm running some nice wide Sunline Carbon Bars (28 inches) and Formula Oro Brakes. If you haven't ridden the Formula's - you are really missing out. These are the best things I've ever used.

DH Bike
I'm rocking a Giant Glory DH this season. I was considering a Sunday, but ended up with the Glory cause I got a screaming deal (leftover team frame and parts - Thanks!). Ive ben riding a lawwill suspension setup for years - and a 22.5 inch top tube. This setup is a dual link, and the top tube is 21 inches. The setup seems to be working jut fine, but only time will tell. Fox 40, Truevativ, Kenda Tires, WTB Wheels, 30.5 inch Sunline Bars, Easton flat pedals, and no brakes yet. I'm anticipating the Formula Dh brakes called "The One" but they are super pricey. My backup option is the Avid Brakes "Code".

In case you missed it (and know me) I did say I'd be running flat pedals this season. I've been a hard core Clipless Addict for years - and I'll probably still race in them, but I've decided on doing 75% of my riding on Flats. Why? I took a little trip to Seattly in February and got in some riding on a DH bike with Flats and realized how much skill I've lost over the years... I need to get it back. I need to stop using my clipless pedals as a crutch and use them like an advantage (like I used to).
Don't forget the 5/10 shoes.

Aight - so what races am I doing?
MSC - Crested Butte, Aspen, Sol Vista
maybe a national or 2 - but nothing serious
I also plan on heading up to Boise in September for an Hour long Super-D. i guess it runs from Bogus Basin to DT Boise. Sounds like it's right up my alley!

Since I have a newborn, and my wife is not a big fan of injuries - so I've promised her no podiums. That being said, I fully expect to have some top 10's.

I'll be posting up my 2008 Event Schedule soon, as well as my sponsor list for the season.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I suck

I know, I know...

I'm back now - should be for real this time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love budweiser commercials!

MIchelin 32 DH tire review

Aight - if you know me, then you know my fondness for tires.
I live and die by the rubber - and i'm about as picky as you'll ever get.
To quote EC "I can live with bad geometry, I can even live with bad suspension - but I won't ride or race without great tires!"

I'll try reviewing most of the tires that I ride this season... I do have my tire hookups open again, So I'll be getting a fair amount and variety of tires.

Let's start with the infamous Michelin 32

I've been riding on this tire since it's inception... and have seen some small improvements along the way. Over all the charector and style of this tire hasn't changed at all, and you'd ride today's version the same way as you would the first generate. This is the tire you throw on for high-speed outdoor motocross style riding. When I'm on a mixed conditions course where I'll be charging the whole run - this is the tire I grab. Back in the day - i used to race for michelin, and this was the team's fav tire - and was always the tires we ran while we figured out the course, we'd adjust tires for the conditions later.

The tire is completely predictable - i feel comfortable drifting, and letting the front end break loose (not fast, but fun!). for big, rocky and rooty gnar sections -this tire is definetly the one. It'll take anything and rarely flat - infact, I run regular tubes in this tire.

The knobs don't appear to stick off the sides of the tire as much as some of the other tires out there, but honestly, I've never lost my front end with this tire (unless I really deserved it). It WILL hold you all day long.

Break in time is significant. When I was racing, I'd sometimes tear up the tire before I'd break it in (I used to ride like an a$$). nowadays - I get significant time out of these tires as I'll take 4-5 runs before I really start to push the tire hard. I notice that this helps me to achieve a longer lasting and more predictable tire. NEVER race on one of these without breaking it in first! You really need to have the tire starting to wear a bit before you get optimum traction and predictability.

So - for high speed, rocky and mixed terrain (including roots) - reach for this tire.
When does this tire suck? really flat courses when you need to pedal. or really smooth courses. I guess the tire doesn't suck on the smooth stuff - but you've got better options out there.
Avoid this tire for muddy conditions also. It'll work in a pinch - but you'd want to cut the "inside" outer knobs off for optimum shedding (I've done this many times). The tire is just too dam fat to be good in slop - so look for a spike or the 16 in sloppy conditions.

Aight - more reviews to come! I've got all the michelin dh series - the all mountain extreme, panaracer cinder, panaracer rampage, maxxis high rollers (3 sizes), minion (DHR and DHF), and possibly some schwalbe tires!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm Back!

Ok - I have a little baby, but that doesn't mean i can't get back to my blog right?

The collective is putting out a new movie soon called "Seasons" -
check it out here

More Mountain Biking Videos >>

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm a DAD!!!

Wow - sorry for the lack of posts, but at the same time - not so much.

I hope to be posting full time again soon, but until then -

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sam Hill 1:04

Seasame Street Music

If you're into musicians... this might your bag.
Compliments of "JohnnyBiker" who sent me this gem over the weekend.

Monday, February 4, 2008

My Lottery Ticket

ya ya -
I've got it in writing... so it must be true!

>From Desk of Robert Kenolly
Principal Attorney
Supreme Chambers

Attn: Sir/Madam.

Compliments of the day to you. I must solicit your confidentiality and assure you that I am contacting you in good faith and this proposal will be of mutual benefit. I am Robert Kenolly (Esq.), a legal Practitioner. My client late Mr. Andrew was killed with his entire family in fatal auto crash, sparing none of their lives, some years ago.

Before his death, I assisted him in the deposit of some funds with a bank for safekeeping. The funds have remained unclaimed since his death, and such unclaimed funds are appropriated and returned to the treasury as a matter of policy. Considering the lack of success in my bid to locate any of his relatives for over a year now, I hereby solicit your consent to enable me present you as the Next of Kin to my deceased client.

I am contacting you for this sole reason and strongly believe that the bank does not deserve to inherit the funds. These reasons led to my resolve to claim the funds, which was why I contacted you. With your permission, I will proceed to establish you as the next of kin/Beneficiary to my late client. As soon as this is done, you will then give instructions to the bank, to transfer the deposited funds into another account you will provide, after which we shall then share the funds upon agreed terms.

When I receive your response, I will provide you with further details.

I await your reply,

Robert Kenolly Esq.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bad Day at the Office

Big Johnny over at Drunk Cyclist posted this bad boy - made me think of the good ol' days, working at CDW-G in Chicago.
Then again - I still hate technology as much as I use it (and sell it).

Microsoft to buy Yahoo?

Less than 2 hours ago, word came down that Microsoft execs met with Yahoo's Board - and offered them $31 per share. For those of you keeping the math - currently, Yahoo is trading at $28.5, and an offer of $31 puts the deal at about $44.6 Billion dollars.

Yahoo's profit in 2007 declined to "only" 206 million.... yea

Here's the story from AP on Yahoo

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Click HERE to see the original

Dammit - now I want to ride the lifts...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new camera

got a new point and shoot Canon - would love and SLR... but too many toys on the list before that one happens.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Saw this gem of a player on DrunkCyclist - the music's not bad... but the player is pretty cool

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Drunk Woman Laughs about killing cyclist

Via Drunkcyclist Blog and my boy Dan's blog -

WTF is wrong with people?????

This woman get 10.5 years (thanks judge!) for getting drunk, driving into a bicycle lane in Tuscon, and killing the cyclist.
As it turns out... she got caught on tape laughing about killing the guy - and the judge got to hear it, so he made sure to give her the maximum.


Story from Tuscon
Video from CNN
Tuscon Lawyer Blog Post

Friday, January 25, 2008

WTF is going on???? This just ain't right...


The Denver Post, Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Bicycle 'boxing' no kids' game

Denver Post Editorial

Sue O'Brien, Editor of the Editorial Page

A series of attacks on bicyclists by teen hoodlums on wheels in northern Colorado cannot easily be dismissed as youthful indiscretion: These are vicious, potentially lethal assaults that should be punished severely.

So far, three male teens from Windsor have been arrested in the case. One, a 17-year-old, has been charged with felony assault, reckless endangerment and underage use of alcohol. Authorities say the boys come from comfortable, middle-class backgrounds.

Beginning in December, police in Windsor and Fort Collins received reports of about a dozen incidents with the deceptively innocuous-sounding name of "bicycle boxing." The reality is anything but sporting: Participants in a four-wheel-drive vehicle apparently rolled up next to unsuspecting riders and one teen struck victims with an aluminum baseball bat. Sometimes, bike riders were forced off the road by the motor vehicle.

That there have been no fatalities is just pure luck. A rider hunched over the drop-style handlebars of a touring bicycle traveling at moderate speed is extremely vulnerable to a serious, disabling injury or death, even when wearing a safety helmet.

Fort Collins and Windsor police haven't learned of any similar attacks elsewhere in the United States, so this appears to be homegrown Colorado product.

Windsor Police Chief John Michaels said he's heard only vague rumors of how the term "bicycle boxing" came about.

Charlie Henderson, president of the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club, said the attacks in northern Colorado are "the first we've heard of." "It's something they've got to squash," Henderson added.

Patrick McCormick, spokesman for the American League of Bicyclists in Washington, D.C., also said the Colorado incidents are a first.

Both Henderson and McCormick say bicyclists often encounter hostile motorists, and most long-time riders have been targeted for road-rage of one kind or another. But those usually are chance encounters. The "bicycle boxing" teens allegedly sought out their victims.

For now, the attacks are being handled as a juvenile case, and the Larimer County district attorney's office hasn't decided yet whether to charge those involved as adults.

Given the assailants' apparent depraved indifference to the potential for death or serious injury and the large number of attacks, adult felony charges might be an appropriate way to discourage wannabe copycats.

Meantime, the teens' parents should ask themselves what kind of monsters they've raised. They may not like the answer.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Peanuts Bicycle Ride

I've got a baby due any day now... this reminds me of the many conversations about how I can continue to ride when I have a kid. Mostly, that means our baby gets to go for a ride with me.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Texans in Telluride

These 2 kids are lucky to be alive...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Who loves Subcultures?

If you are into cycling subcultures... this will def be entertaining!
Messenger fixie types having fun in the streets and catching it on tape. And selling it.

Click HERE to go THERE

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Colorado Whiskey

Simply stated - this is the best US based whiskey I've ever had. I'm not a whiskey person (love my tequila), but you should try this stuff!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Women in the News

Seems like there's been a bit a of bad streak of luck lately for women in the news

First, there's the Colorado Native who go's missing in Georgia while hiking (dog found 50 miles away in a grocery store). That asshole's going away for a long time.
Click here for the story

Then - they found the body of the missing pregnant marine. Some butwipe buried her in his backyard. Genius.... With that kind of intellect, it should be some time before he's found (maybe another 30 seconds).
Click Here for the Story

And there' the cyclist in Minnesota who somehow ended up underwater in the Mississippi.
No evidence of foul play - but I'm sure if you Follow the story, some will appear shortly.
Click Here for the story

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nissan Independant Front Suspension Ad

Nissan has a new ad out for their independent front suspension,


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pregnant Basketball

My wife's pregnant, due is a very short time (and she's a personal trainer) and is a strong sporting type.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wow! Skateboard movies rule

That's it - I'm changing my profession today. I'm walking out the door, buying an HD camera or two, some mad mac with tons of memory, and some sweet video editing software.

It's on... alternative sports video's are real - finally! The first HD Mountain bike video was launched recently (in widescreen format), and we are finally seeing some crazy good production quality lately.

Check out more at The Life Lounge

Tazor, but in style

New tazors - with MP3's and leopard print....

Want to watch a Wall Street journal reporter get taz'd?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Downhill Race on Snow

Man - I remember doing this kind of stupid crap when I lived in the midwest and didn't have anything better to do.
Now I live in Colorado and own ski's and snowshoes. That means I have lots to do.

Downhill daredevils
Mountain bikers pit their skills against a ski slope in eighth annual Bikercross.

By Sam Kennedy | Of The Morning Call
January 6, 2008

Imagine going down a steep, jump-studded ski slope -- on a bike.

Sound dangerous?

It was, as evidenced by the medical helicopter dispatched to Blue Mountain Ski Area in Lower Towamensing Township on Saturday afternoon to fly 20-year-old Gregory White of Boyertown, one of the contestants of the resort's eighth annual Winter Bikercross.

The event, essentially downhill mountain biking in the snow, is more of a novelty than an established sport.

Most of the 29 participants were local daredevils who do most of their biking on weekends during warmer weather. They wore ski gear and even jeans.

But some were highly experienced professional mountain bikers, decked out in heavily padded shirts and pants. They came from as far away as Virginia.

The bikers went down the mountain in heats of three or four. Skiers and snowboarders gathered along the sides of the track, cheering when somebody hit a jump and caught air.

Dave Serfass, 26, of Lehighton was eliminated from the competition after he came down cockeyed and spun out.

''Not bad…my elbow cracked a little,'' he said after brushing himself off. He'd be back to give it another go next year, he said, explaining the draw: ''Oh, it's the rush!''

White, unfortunately, came down a lot harder, with an audible thump that silenced nearby onlookers. Mid-air, his front wheel tipped so far forward that his bike was nearly vertical. He flew over his handlebars, driving his head into the snow.

Ski patrollers rushed to his aid, finding him unconscious and bleeding from the mouth. They lifted him onto a toboggan and whisked him down the mountain to the helicopter pad.

Later in the day, a spokesman at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest said White was in stable condition.

No sooner was White removed from the course than the next heat was under way.

''In my years of doing this race, I've seen a lot worse,'' said Bikercross director Jason Boris. The event, organized by the Eastern Schuylkill Recreation Commission, averages about one helicopter evacuation a year, he said.

Among the youngest competitors were the Mulally brothers -- Neko, 14, and Logan, 12 -- of Reading, Berks County.

Their mother, Carolyne, said she was unfazed by all the wipeouts. ''I'm used to it by now,'' she explained, because her boys compete in mountain bike races year round.

If anything, she added, the event at Blue Mountain was easier to stomach than normal races. ''This is a soft landing,'' she said, referring to the snow.

Neko would go on to win the competition and a trophy.

The other three finalists, in the order they finished, were:

Lars Tribus, 36, of Milford, N.J.

Scott Cooper, 24, of Cranford, N.J.

Marvin Scanland, 34, of Upperco, Md.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tara Llanes Benefit - Earthed 5 Premier

Earthed 5 AND a benefit for Tara -

What: Earthed 5 - The Law of Fives, premier and benefit for Tara Llanes' Road to Recovery
When: Saturday, January 5, 2008
Where: Wahoo's Fish Taco, 1521 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80202
Time: Doors will open at regular Wahoo's time, the movie will start at 9PM.
$: $5 minimum donation suggested, but you are free to contribute more

Friday, January 4, 2008

BMX Skilz

This guy's a ripper

Britney Spears moving to Colorado?


breaking news?

DENVER - Our partners at the Denver Post are reporting that pop-star Britney Spears may be coming to the Mile High City.

The Post sources a "former Spears security guy" as saying she has been here already and may be coming back.

During her mid-December trip to Denver, the Post says, she and John Sundahl, who is rumored to be her boyfriend, looked at a Cherry Creek North house and put down a $2.2 million deposit, according to their source.

The paper goes on to say the couple visited the rehab treatment center Harmony Foundation in Estes Park.

A Harmony Foundation employee would not comment to the paper on anyone who may or may not be at the facility


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