Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CIA Releases Project Details

Wow.. you guys read this? It's like an 80's spy novel... oh wait - It's the real thing.
After reading this, my first thought was, "sure you can trust the government".

Here's the link -
From the WSJ
From Yahoo

and at the same time, the White House gets subpoena'd regarding Bush's eavesdropping program.
from AP and Yahoo

I need to move...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Keystone Opening Weekend

The lines were there - the trails were torn up - the snow shut down the top half of the mountain - the new trails aren't built right -

I can understand the snow and such... but the trails need some serious work. The braking bumps are getting a little out of control, the bridges have lost their traction pads, some of the bridges have broken pieces - and then there's the new trails...
The "new" trails aren't built correctly. They have very little flow, the jumps aren't consistent, the jumps aren't spaced correctly, and the lips aren't built for DH bikes.

Maybe some of these items can be corrected over time - but to build a new trail incorrectly is a pretty big foul.

Looks like I'll be spending more time at Vail this year...

Today's words of Wisdom -

Do it right the first time you jackasses

Friday, June 15, 2007

Colorado Crankworx Updated

Looks like the Colorado Crankworx Site has been updated,
they have lodging prices, (69 per night), event schedules, event prices, and all the goodies!

Entry Fees -
* Super Downhill, $35
* Amatuer Downhill, $50
* Pro Downhill, $65
* Big Air, $50
* X-Country, $50
* Slopestyle, $100

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Swobo Rind Review

Shorts are good, and good shorts are great...
you know how a great product seems to be lost on you until you lose it?

My new Swobo shorts are pricey, comfy, light, they move with me, they breath well, and I can't find a reason to not like them.
I only realize how great they are when I put on any other pair of shorts.

Buy some - they are cool

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Talent... pure talent

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Golden Gate Canyon State Park Ride

Thought that I'd let you know about my wonderful ride today... I decided to take a solo adventure in Golden Gate today. I've heard how great the place is but I've not had the chance to explore the trails - so I maxed out my camelbak with water, grabbed a bunch of calories and off I rode.

Started at with the lower section of Mountain Lion and got a little pissy with the loose and steep climbs, but found my rhythm eventually. I rode out towards panorama point via snowshoe hair (pinned the long rocky descent like a rock star) and rode up to the point. I rode down what I thought was a trail heading south for the "long loop" - turns out the cool ass trail I was riding had been shut down for several years. Oops...

Got back up to the point, then headed back to snowshoe hair. The climb back sucked, but I was able to ride most of it. Got back to a descent and rode to the top part of mountain lion. Climb, switchback, climb, switchback - repeat 6 or 7 times. Finally got to the top (legs are a bit worked, but I was riding really strong) and I finally found out what all the hype was about. The descent was long, rocky, loose, and TECH. Seriously - I've raced NMBS DH courses that didn't work me like this.

For the whole techy descent I was killing it - pinning everything, jumping the gardens, passing riders and pedestrians (showing off a bit) - and found some big bike riders that started to follow me (7 inch bikes). We got down to one of the last difficult stream crossing and literally had pedestrians run out in front of us. We had warned them early, told them we were coming, made eye contact, they moved off the trail - and at the last second one of them tried to cross the trail in front of me. I ended up riding off the trail (to avoid the 50 year old lady with huge knockers staring at me) and everyone else stacked up into me to the person next to them. we literally had NOWHERE to go that was safe. The trail was steep and loose, no way we could have stopped. The crash was pretty bad, I didn't have any pads and neither did the guy behind me. The other guys had some padding and full faces... you can tell where this is going. Sharp pointy rocks and two riders stacking up on each other equals some serious pain. long story short - my bike's mangled (brakes are toasted, bars are bent, derailluer's bent, saddle's bent, glasses broke) and I'm pretty beat up. right arm, shoulder, right shin, right thigh, and right hip are all really swollen. The other guy broke his helmet and was pretty mangled... it sucked. we had to limp out the next few miles.

I'm more than a little pissed off - the guy and his wife/girl took off and non of us were in any condition to chase them down.

On the way home, I saw a guy highside his motorcycle, with no helmet and land against a rock wall in a ditch.
Then I almost got hit by a minivan
10 minutes later a truck locked up on 93 and got rear ended by an Avalon and I almost hit the car in front of me.
I ran out of paint for the nursery
My upstairs bathroom drain is leaking on my downstairs bathroom ceiling
I ripped my jeans
my air conditioning doesn't work in my house
I'm out of booze

then I bought my first lotto ticket ever.

today sucked.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Looks like I'm gonna be a dad... nothing's ever scared me more.
We are creating an entirely new person from scratch... that's a tough concept to wrap your brain around.
There's something cool about passing on a legacy, helping to create and shape the next generation, keeping the family tree growing, being able to teach a human more than any other human will ever teach him/her. I've been hesitant up until this week about having a kid before next year - but after my wife told me, I had nothing but joy and excitement running through me.

Wow, the past few weeks have been pretty crazy! Bought a house, dad had open heart surgery, I turned 30, and I found out my wife's pregnant.
Anyhoots - got lots of articles written about product, trails and training - you should start to see these get posted soon!

Oh Babies....


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