Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new camera

got a new point and shoot Canon - would love and SLR... but too many toys on the list before that one happens.

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Samuel said...


I know Brett and he is a D@*k! Sorry I meant to say dick. Regardless I am looking at your lab that Brett said you got in Indiana. I never say this but it looks like it could be from the same family as mine. My labs mom is from the Brown County area and is named Corky. Yes like the retarted kid from Life Goes On. I forget her fathers name but he is from South Bend, I think, something NE IN. Autumn is my choco lab and she is 7 born on Sept 11 2000. If you don't mind I am at and would be curious to know your pups background.

They realy should put speel Chex on dis


Brett Tomky is lonely


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