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Straitline Stem

Straitline Components - Fault Line TV April Fools 2010 from Fault Line TV on Vimeo.

Steve Peat - Lisbon Crash

Steve Peat Run Lisbon DownTown2010 from Jah Guide on Vimeo.

Minnar at Downieville

did you see that greg minnaar got 11th in the d-ville downhill?

uh, 11th? really? I guess you really need to be a skinny, well trained, whippet to get up over them hills with speed.

I have no chance of winning a big super-d race. Cause I'm a beagle. or maybe a doberman. or maybe just an ugly kick dog

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Since I'm not working today, I thought I'd post some non-work related content.
Anyone who knows can tell you a few things that are universally true. I love my Family, I love Mountain Biking, I love a good meal, and I love good coffee.

On to this morning's helpful tip.

Step One - buy yourself some great fresh coffee. I recommend getting some coffee from rocky mountain roastery, they bring in the best beans they can find and then roast them in house as needed (Super Fresh).

Step Two - Grind baby Grind
Get yourself a nice Bur Grinder... it makes as big of a difference as the beans themselves. Seriously - this may be the most important part as the grinder is what shapes the "ground" bean into a form that allows for extraction into the drink we know as coffee.

Step Three - Brew
I like my Cuisinart as it's not the most expensive, but is extremely consistent. This is important so that you can experiment and get down a volume, strength, and ratio that will suite your taste.
This Cuisinart is also super insulated, so it doesn't require as much heat from the heating element. This is important as re-heating and over heating results in a tinny/ bitter taste.
Mine happens to have a built in Burr Grinder... but most do not.

I store my ready to use coffee in an air tight container for beans I'll use within a week or so - anything longer and I store it in a freezer-burn-proof bag surrounding the original packaging.
The refrigerator is a NO-NO! The beans will pickup fragrances from other foods and such.



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