Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Downhill training

I've had several questions lately on downhill specific training. While I'm no longer the young whipper-snapper that I once was... i've dug up some old articles that I used to help guide my training philosophy.
I believe that everyone needs something different and needs to train in different ways, but objectives seem to be similar. My Objectives list included the following -

Sprints -
I need to increase my top speed
I need to increase by ability to function in oxygen debt
I need a faster snap
I need to increase the number of back to back sprints that I can do
I need to work on short AND long sprints

Weights -
I need to be able to feel strong at the end of a race
I need to eliminate arm pump
I need to protect myself, prevent injuries with muscle (shoulder, wrist, back)
Core strength makes a bigger difference than limb strength

Endurance -
I don't want to be sloppy at the end a training day
DH races ofte have long pedaling sections - I need to be able to function after said section
Road and XC rides are great for recovery

Skilz -
You gots to have em
Tech Sections - Rocks, off-camber, etc
Cornering - Berms, flats, grass, mud, dust, high-speed, low-speed
Jumping - Drops, J-hop, bunny hop, manual, over tech, into tech, racerstyle, dirtjump style
Carry speed (yea - it's a skill), you have to know how everything you do effects your momentum and exit speed

Nutrition -
Don't eat crap

I like plyometrics, a little weights, and lots o riding

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Brett said...

DH training - Ride ride ride. Ride everything, ride with people who are better than you. Ride with your friends. Ride with your friends. Kick your friends asses! Game on buddy!


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