Sunday, April 6, 2008

Race Bikes

I'm getting my race bikes finalized for the race season... I'm hoping to race in 2 disciplines this year. Super-D and DH.
I had given some serious thought to DS, but there's only a couple of races in Colorado that are DS this year and I didn't want to buy a bike for 2 races. I am planning on getting a DS bike this year to race next year. Anyway - onto the bikes.

Super-D bike,
I am riding the almighty Commencal. This bike hasn't become a Super-D specific bike yet - but it's on it's way. I've got a couple of wheelsets, a light one and heavy one. I've also got quite the tire line up, Kenda has definetly hooked me up. I'll be rocking Nevegal's for most conditions but have a pair of Cortez's and Blue Groove's for alternate soil types. I'm still on the fox suspension setup from last season because I love it. Vanilla RC2 and Float RC. I'm running some nice wide Sunline Carbon Bars (28 inches) and Formula Oro Brakes. If you haven't ridden the Formula's - you are really missing out. These are the best things I've ever used.

DH Bike
I'm rocking a Giant Glory DH this season. I was considering a Sunday, but ended up with the Glory cause I got a screaming deal (leftover team frame and parts - Thanks!). Ive ben riding a lawwill suspension setup for years - and a 22.5 inch top tube. This setup is a dual link, and the top tube is 21 inches. The setup seems to be working jut fine, but only time will tell. Fox 40, Truevativ, Kenda Tires, WTB Wheels, 30.5 inch Sunline Bars, Easton flat pedals, and no brakes yet. I'm anticipating the Formula Dh brakes called "The One" but they are super pricey. My backup option is the Avid Brakes "Code".

In case you missed it (and know me) I did say I'd be running flat pedals this season. I've been a hard core Clipless Addict for years - and I'll probably still race in them, but I've decided on doing 75% of my riding on Flats. Why? I took a little trip to Seattly in February and got in some riding on a DH bike with Flats and realized how much skill I've lost over the years... I need to get it back. I need to stop using my clipless pedals as a crutch and use them like an advantage (like I used to).
Don't forget the 5/10 shoes.

Aight - so what races am I doing?
MSC - Crested Butte, Aspen, Sol Vista
maybe a national or 2 - but nothing serious
I also plan on heading up to Boise in September for an Hour long Super-D. i guess it runs from Bogus Basin to DT Boise. Sounds like it's right up my alley!

Since I have a newborn, and my wife is not a big fan of injuries - so I've promised her no podiums. That being said, I fully expect to have some top 10's.

I'll be posting up my 2008 Event Schedule soon, as well as my sponsor list for the season.

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