Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heil Ranch Ride

I had a pretty good ride last night at heil ranch.... but forgot my camera.
Didn't see the prolific turkeys that I've been seeing up there, but with them temps starting to warm up - i expect to see less of them until the fall.

Yesterday's nutritional intake was horribble... Had some fruit and yogurt for breakfast (250 calories), Lunch was a kung pow noodle bowl (240 calories) with a V8 (30 calories), snacked on a couple of granola bars (140 calories) and off I went to ride at 5pm. Ouch.....
Regardless - I was able to middle-ring most of the climb to the top loop, rode the top loop counter clockwise (including wild turkey) the first time, clockwise the 2nd time, and big ringed it back down to the bottom. I like my big ring!

My descending has been pretty good this year - I'm looking forward to some super-d races this year.. and the occasional DH race

I'll probably hit up Bettasso today from town - up the connector to the loop. Should give me 7-8 miles before and 7-8 Miles after the Connector trail. Oh yea... I left my camera at home again - I suck

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