Sunday, February 11, 2007

Unsupported Endurance Racing?

I'll never really understand this obsession, but I guess everyone has to have one.

Have you guys been paying attention to the growing number of "unsupported" endurance races?
No permits or entrance fees? That worries me a bit... I get a little nervous about creating yet another mad reputation in our sport. The "Mountain Dew" reputation is finally starting to dissipate (has been hugely damaging to our sport) - I'd hate for this to turn into something bad as well.

There is a certain "cool" factor to this "back country" experience.. just don't get lost or hurt, cause no one's coming for you.

Moab Rim Ride
Great Divide Race Site
and the Great Divide Race Blog

I fully support "supported" endurance races - it's a great atmosphere.
Pay your entrance fee and check out these events
24 Hours of Temecula
BikerPelli 2007 - Fruita to Moab

Montezuma's Revenge

Today's words of wisdom -
Training advice
First, train often. Second, train hard. Third, train smart.
Don't forget to eat some food.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you could classify the type of rider interested in unsupported endurance races, I wouldn't use the word "cool". "Introspective" might do better. Whatever the word, the type of person drawn to these types of events is antithetical in nature to the baggy jean, popped-collar, crooked-trucker cap wearing, inarticulate, Mountain Dew-type douche-bag.


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