Monday, February 19, 2007

Slow Monday

Hope everyone's President's day was a fruitful and fun filled as you had hoped it would be. Mine was a mix of road riding, house hunting, and discovering the pleasure of an editorial harshness only found in the most corrupt throws of China.
In my downtime today, I caught an episode of Anthony Bourdain's show - He's the type of guy you'd love to travel with, but not let him plan your travels for you. I'm not a big fan of TV shows - but anything that includes world travels, brutal honesty, grain alcohol, some evil smite and a vulgar tung is sure to enthrall me and have me fixated. Watching a grown man willfully choke down some good ol' bull penis in a spicy curry is enough to make one vomit, but it's got an upside too... I think...
The thing that draws me in the most is his honesty - brutal or soft, and his sense of place. He always knows his place. Many people dream of being the way that he is, having a the gull to pull it off is pretty respectable. "Here's how it is, here's how I feel about it" at all costs is a great way to show your true colors... but being able to do this, while having a sense of respect when you should and knowing your place in the world and society is better. He pulls is off flawlessly. He's also able to use a vernacular that clearly shows and demonstrates feelings, memory, and emotion - while entertaining.
Maybe you need to spend countless hours sleeping on the floors of kitchens worldwide and drinks industrial vats of alcohol with names like "black death" to enthrall a group of intellectual veggies into a cloud of bong hazed sense of existentialism. Then again - it might just "F" you up a bit too.

So here's to slow Mondays and to Anthony -
have another on me

Today's words of wisdom -
Travel often, and don't be a tourist.

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