Monday, February 26, 2007

Breckenridge Trip

Sorry for down time! My wife and I took a trip to Breckenridge with some friends from back in Chicago. Got there wed. night and came home sunday night... no internet access the whole time!
Anyway - it was good to see friends again, and we all had one hell of a good time.

We rented a house - definitely the way to go! Hotels are fine if it's just one or 2 people, but I'll never stay in another hotel on a group trip again.
We had a hot tub, great view from the deck, a garage, stone fireplace, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and PLENTY of space. The ski'ing was great, lots of new snow and the terrain was good. I'm not a great skier, usually a black run type of guy that avoids moguls (I don't understand the allure to moguls). Breck has a tall lift system, so we were able to access terrain that I wouldn't normally be willing to get to.
On to the chaos...
Wed night - late night arrival
Thursday - Keystone skiing, hot tub drinks with the wife, and SUPER late night arrival of the Chicago-ans.
Friday - got the girls off to their lessons and hit the slopes with the boys. Great terrain, not to crowded - John decided falling was a good thing and tweaked his shoulder.
Friday night - nobody really remembers everything that happened, but we pieced most of the evening back together. 3-4 hours in the hot tub, 2 bottles of tequila, lots of beers, Vodka and chinese food. John had a mad sprint through the snow in his wet shorts at one point during the evening (I think he was looking for christmas lights?). Apparently Breck doesn't have the best Chinese food in the world, but that didn't stop Corey from ordering some (how did the delivery get there? no one knew our address halfway up the mountain side). John definitely got the worst of it - I've never seen someone pass out that hard.
Oh yea - we were all asleep at 9:30PM
Saturday - Today's John's 27th Bday, that being said - John puked..... ALOT. I guess the mixture of 4 hours in a hot tub, 10,000 feet elevation and a enough tequila to kill the entire local heard of elk didn't sit well overnight. He didn't make it to the slopes that day (was super cold anyway). The girls really stepped it up with their skiing, John found a new addiction Fruit Flavored Canned Oxygen. Check it here - The Big Ox The rest of us made it back, took a much needed nap, and then headed back out on the town. A big dinner (tried to introduce John to good beer and he hated it, found a GNR playing dive bar, I realized just how bad I suck at foosball. No, really - I suck at foosball. Back to the house, have some more beer, listen to some 80's music that really makes you want to grow a fluffy mustache, some more beer, some cards, and a little later evening - 1pm bed time (didn't overdo the tequila)
Sunday - Nice lazy day for starbucks, shopping and packing. All the boys and girls had to pack up and fly back to Chicago (on tiny United seats). All in all - this definitely ranks as one of the best trips I've had in recent memory.

Thanks to everyone for a great trip - Hope we do it again soon!!!

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Berry said...

I'm so glad your friend likes canned oxygen too! while i'm not as big into the flavored kind, I love my POD - personal oxygen device ( sounds like you had an awesome trip!


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