Sunday, February 4, 2007


Ok all, it's not really a local ride - but it's on everyone's top 10 list of world MTB trips.
I've never been to this epic race/ride - but I fully plan on heading out to Alpe D'uez for summer time bliss.
For those of you who don't know, the megavalanche is a true all mountain ride styled race. I guess you could compare it to a "Super D" race - only an hour in length. Many people compare it to DH racing... but DH races don't have climbs and are usually a little more technical (but not much).

For a glimpse of what this race is like, I found a guy's helmet cam video on Google Video.
Click Here For the Video
I've added a 2007 Commencal Meta 5.5 Numero 1 to my stable of bikes. I'm hoping that the fabled bike from Andorra will lead me to a great finish at the race - but only time will tell.

To see more about this race, check out

If anyone's planning on hitting this race - please contact me. My biggest obstacle at this point is getting someone to go with me!

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