Friday, February 2, 2007

New Digital Camera

I bought myself an el cheapo dig camera recently. I'm not normally one to buy cheap crap - but I've decided to finally move away from film and thought that this might be a low risk entrance to this world.

OK - here it is. A cheap kodak easyshare c875. For under $200 you get a whopping 8 mp's and ISO down to 800. It seems to have pretty decent image quality with the flash, but other wise low light situations suck (even after making all the proper adjustments).

Some Standout Features -
5x optical zoom
2.5 inch LCD (not very crisp, and doesn't truely represent the image quality before pic is taken)
Video and audio
up to ISO 200 in auto - up to ISO 800 in Manual
2 FPS shooting

ZDnet Review
Kodak's Page

I'll be using this camera for the pic's that I'll be posting on this blog. Be sure to pay attention to updates to this post as I become more experienced with it, and develop a deeper opinion.

Today's words of wisdom -
Ride more this February than you did last February - and you'll be faster in March

BTW - it was 10 below on my drive into work today
Below pic is taken at 5mp res, ISO200
Photo is here

I'm out!

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