Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech

I don't want to be yet another guy writing about the same stuff everyone else writes about. This was a pretty big event, and still seems to be unfolding (thanks to NBC). It was horrible, and it'll live for a long time in a lot of memories. My heart goes out to the victim's, their family and friends.

So hear's the deal - NBC somehow was chosen to receive a package from the purp. The package included some video, some pics, and a written manifesto. NBC's been releaseing it bit by bit - and there's alot of pissed off people saying that NBC shouldn't release this info.

Maybe it's bad timing - maybe it shouldn't be released at all. I would be pretty disappointed if it was released at all - but for me, the issue is how the media is handling this whole "manifesto" type situation.
There's 2 sides to the media's handling of this - the first is the side of the organization that received the package. NBC looks to be releasing this in stages instead of all at once. What's that all about? Marketing... they may want to keep their name out there for a longer period of time.
2nd side is the reactionary media. They are reporting without reason. There's no focus, no value for the consumer, just idiotic babble-crap.

I don't know what the answer is... I don't pretend to have it. I do know that you shouldn't talk without a point, and you shouldn't present without having value. Maybe MSNBC and CNN will figure this out one day.

Today's words of Wisdom -
take a back seat, look around. it's a big world with alot of problems - but you probably don't have it nearly as bad as someone else who's not to far away.
Be grateful, be happy, and help someone out every once in a while.

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