Monday, April 2, 2007

Denver Auto Show

As any true dreamer should, I attended the Denver Auto Show this weekend. It's nice to get my auto-fix every once in a while. Living in Boulder helps me to keep grounded, and helps to keep the attitude that keeping your good gas mileage car till it's absolutely un-driveable. Then there's these auto events - where I regain my old-school "big engine, little car" attitude.
I miss V-8's...
High Points -
Rousch figured out how to properly update a modern mustang (Better then they have in the past)
CTS-V's are still the best bargain out there
OEM'd Brembo Brakes are everywhere
Lamborghini's are still fun to look at, but horrible to drive
I still don't like Camero's
Audi's are still great
BMW needs to not hire American Engineers
Mercedes looks to be hiring the French for exterior design
Test Drives should be available - to limited Manufacturers
Accessories Market is taking off again
I want a Ferrari

Aight - I'm out... going to get on the bike since I can't drive my new Audi RS4

1 comment:

Gerald said...

We had a great time with the two of you! Thanks so much. I need an Audi S6, is that too much to ask?! My wife needs a BMW X5! I need a new job!


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