Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hall Ranch and some Puke

Wish I had a camera on my ride yesterday. Legs felt like crap until I puked... not sure what I ate - but there was a whole lot of orange chunky crap that smelled like fermented meat and tequila spewing out my my mouth for a good 90 seconds. Dry heaves came afterwords.
I had chunks all over my top tube, wiped it off with my glove - then realized that I'd be smelling that puke smell for the rest of the ride since My cloth glove was now soaked in the previous night's mexican fiesta.
Follow my mexican rambling's below,
Tahona Tequila Bistro

btw - I started riding on maxxis 2.1 high rollers, they're not too bad. The speed limit is above that of other 2.1's. They definitely corner better as well. I'm starting to become convinced that 2.1's are just too small for me. I always seem to ride over their ability and speed level when coming down from a lollypop with some elevation. If you ride mostly rolling terrain - even if it's really tech, I'd recommend these tires.
I'm gonna pick up some Panaracer Rampage's next - should have a report for you soon!

Today's words of wisdom -
When in Doubt, drink more tequila

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