Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm In Love

So pretty much everyone that knows me, knows that I'm SUPER picky and passionate about my bikes. Of all the brands and bikes out there, I'm a true fan only a select few bikes and even fewer brands. The 3-4 brands that have influenced me the most over the years are
"Old School" Schwinn - pre-sale to Pacifc (late 2001)

There are some stand out bikes to be sure - but these are the brands that have not only been able to influence The Industry, Suspension and Frame Design, and Racing in HUGE ways.

Recently, I got my first glimpse of Sunn's renewed efforts and I'm in love! Just when I thought that everyone had given up - Sunn starts to put out.

Nico, Carol-Anne, Cedric.... they all know.

Here it is...

Oh Yea.... It's on
Now all we need is a US Distributor.
Any Takers?

Did I mention 36.5 Lbs out of the box for the DH bike? It's all over, I'm ruined

Today's Words of Wisdom
Always ride your best (not the best),
you'll never be disappointed

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