Monday, April 16, 2007

Dakota Ridge and RedRocks

Rode the Dakota Ridge / Red Rocks / Morrison loop on Sunday. The ride was a ton better than Saturday. No puking...
Ride the Maxxis 2.1's again - was pretty happy about their performance. There's no real fast sections, so I didn't approach the tire's speed limit and was able to love those big side knobs on the off camber rock sections.
I hit the Dakota Ridge Section twice... I started there and then tried to do another loop, but I bailed after riding Dakota the second time (took the road back)

Anyhoots - check out this story... it's a bit on the sarcastic side, but provides a little Monday Morning humor for Bicycle Commuters (like myself)
Here's another good one for the day -
Mountain Bike Dictionary

Today's Words of Wisdom -
Never under-estimate the power of eating,
Especially when you have a hard ride coming up

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