Monday, March 12, 2007

Rabbit Mountain review

Took a ride up to Rabbit Mountain this weekend, thought it might make me feel better. Not so much...
Let me back up a bit - I got pretty sick on Thursday night last week, on top of my normal "I'm sick of not being able to ride" syndrome. Weather's been in the 60's all week, the sun's been out, but the trails have been wet.
Friday morning rolls around - I should have just stayed at home, but I forced myself to get out of bed and go into work. Skipped Friday beers after work, headed home and crashed.
Saturday involved me waking up and getting so mad about being sick (Ill and pissy about not riding) I got on my bike and headed up to Rabbit Mountain. I've never been to Rabbit Mountain, and I've heard it was an easy ride but still singletrack - so I gave it a spin.
It's a decent trail (not long or challenging), good for early season rides and short jaunts. I wouldn't spend time on this trail unless other trails are wet (RM dry's out quick) - and that just happened to be the case on friday.
So - here's the not feeling so good part,
I just had to go ride, and ended up making myself feel bad because I'm
A) - out of shape and slow
B) - Sicker that I was before I rode

I feel like an idiot....

Today's Words of Wisdom -
When in doubt, stay in bed

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