Monday, March 5, 2007

The Golden Fist

I'm sure you've all heard the rumor's about the Golden Fist - and it's saga.
Those F' Heads at Cannondale trashed the award (award??) about 2 seconds after they got it.
Wow - that could have been a redeeming moment for the crap holes at the 'dale, but all they did was solidify the fact that they might make bikes - but they just don't get it.
Today's Words of Wisdom -

An entire industry gets together and says
"Hey you - yea you!"

You turn your head to then realize that the Industry is talking to you.

The Industry then proceeds to tell you what it thinks of you,
"Go F yourself"

Maybe this is a good time to have an epiphany and realize you're doing something wrong.

Or not

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