Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heil Ranch Review and Report

It's rocky... really rocky. This is another Classic Lyons, CO ride. It doesn't dry out as fast as Rabbit or Hall because of almost 100% tree cover, but it's not too bad.
You'll find a basic lolly-pop configuration, the out and back is all uphill, and the loop (can be ridden both ways) is pretty much up and down - just small climbs and downhills. As I mentioned before - it's pretty darn rocky, so bring suspension and big tires. It's not like baby-heads or loose scree. It's almost all embedded rocks with square edges. Yup - you know how those feel. Riding back down the loop is a pretty good time - nice long DH run with perfect turns (although rocky). Not as long as Hall, but not as crowded either.
As of 3/12/07 - the trails are in perfect condition and 100% ridable. No snow drifts or big puddles. Please don't ride around the puddles - it'll widen the singletrack.

Today's Words of Wisdom -
lube it and love it, take care of your bike or it won't take care of you

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