Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

Back again... feeling a little more closure and ready to get back to life -
I'm feeling some need to get to Dakota Ridge... but I'll leave that for the weekend.
I guess you're all expecting me to make some comment on the firing of 8(?) US Prosecutors.

So here it is -

Comment on telling congress they'll have complete and unprecedented access to facilitate their investigation and then turning down congress's first request?

Anyone surprised? I didn't think so - this has become status quo... promise and promise, and then no follow through. There have been lots of presidents during my lifetime - and I've disagreed with many political desicions, as well as many of their political affiliations - but this is the first president that I've deemed to be an idiot and a "bad" president during my lifetime. (was born during the Carter Administration)

Today's Words of Wisdom -
Under Promise and Over-Deliver
and don't forget to ride your bike - enjoy it and you'll remember what it's all about

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