Saturday, September 29, 2007


Looks like these guys have an innovative idea -

I encourage you to check out their frame designs at
If you have no other reason - they have a cool "animate suspension" feature built in to some frame pages.

They have a unique linkage system (called an Iron Fly, but looks like a true scissors link, and a low leverage ratio (2:1 on the DH bike).

The bikes are definetly oriented towards the technical and burly riders - one look at the geometry and you'll be thinking about gravity. The head and seat tube angles are all pretty slack - but I bet their all mountain frame would make a hell of a Super D bike - or VERY good at megavalanche events...

Also - check out the DH frame with their optional "blow off shock". I've seen some successful custom builds with this concept, but never in production. It adds some travel and some weight, but maybe be the added cushion needed for those extremely diverese trails, where a race setup won't work, but neither will a freeride setup.

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