Sunday, September 16, 2007

Breckenridge Oktoberfest

Tons of fun this weekend!!!

Breck had a good little festival this weekend. Tons of men dressed in funny shorts, W dressed in funky skirts, lots of funny hat's, Brats, Schnitzels, and LOTS and LOTS of beer.

Sat and Sun mornings were dedicated to epic singletrack riding - but the rest of our time involved Oktoberfest. They had great bands (very German/Austrian), and some very good food booths. I'd recommend this trip to anyone... they even had a huge "kids" section to make this a family type event. It wasn't unusual to see babies and little kids running around with parents in tow.

Having a festival like this in an "old" Colorado mountain town was the perfect setting. I'm sure that some other areas (like Vail) may have more architecture dedicated to the Swiss alps feel (overlapping into Austrian and German styles) - but this town gets the celebration right. Vail's been faltering a bit in the summer festival department in the last couple of years (maybe due to the construction?), but I'm sure they'll be back on track soon.
The mountains, with good festival beer, lots of smiles and lots of German polka music playing made this one of the better mountain festivals that I've been to in a while.

Today's words of wisdom -
Drink beer, be merry, and pass it on

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power nugget said...

Yesterday I was standing atop Whistler Mountain. Yes it was a workday. Biking is a beautiful thing. So are girlfriends with condo's!


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