Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mountain Bike Buyers Guide

Big Props to the boys at Decline for putting this together...
it doesn't have everything - but it comes pretty close!


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Rahul said...

I've been having the normal arm pump problems and got a wrist exerciser called Gripstik over the internet. sure seems to help .
i know that arm pump is caused by a bunch of different things like bad form ,being out of shape and bike set up, but after using
it for a week or two, i realy was able to do more practice laps and that exrtra seat time really seemed to help me keep the speed up
on the last laps on sunday. I also purposly used it prior to getting on the bike and it forced me to warm up,something that
I was not doing in the past. that makes sense,because my arm pump was always worst , starting cold ,on the first ride of day. now,
I' m kind of warmed up and don't have to waste the first practice session fighting the pump.


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